Saturday, 20 April 2013

Details, Details.

Some people have that really chic simple thing going on, I however adore the organised clutter of an outfit, room, whatever. So resisting the urge to bleach my hair and dye it pink (I have been resisting for nearly two years now) I bought some comb in, wash out stuff to cure my urge for now.
 I go through phases with jewellery, these are todays gems... a vintage ring of my grandma's, a Primark bug, and a oversized flower from my sister LOVE. oh and my probs fake Casio, love the tacky gold colour.
 Also I have not had time to paint my nails the last couple of weeks so you can see this time round I went a little bit crazy and went for glitter, multi colours, splatters and stripes. I think I just see everything as another thing for me to decorate!  

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