Saturday, 27 April 2013

It's going to be FINE!

It’s fine to only eat chocolate biscuits for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s fine to shake your head in embarrassment in relation to something you have done yourself.

It’s fine to love The Muppets and sing the theme tune on a regular basis (oh… just me).

It’s fine to fall over/knock over a drink/walk into walls and pretend that it was pre-meditated.

It’s fine to spend two hours painting your nails, only to wipe them clean again.

It’s fine if someone asks for ID and you can’t remember how old you are.

It’s fine when on the phone to say “Got to go, I’m busy,” when you really just need a wee.

It’s fine to stick your tongue out like a 5 year old when an enemy walks away.

It’s fine to sit on the floor, staring at your clothes, half naked in hope that they will dress for you.

It’s fine to sit in bed watching TV until half 2 in the afternoon, before you do something productive… such as eating more biscuits.


Chelsea Mountney said...

haha love the way you called this it's fine. and also how do you know I do all these things..... have you been watching me?! x

Hannah said...

I definitely do all of these too. I don't feel so alone now!