Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I just got boring.

Its annoying, you cant be uber cool and inspired all the time, todays offering is rather plain. Do you sometimes get a massive Girl Crush but there style isn't even that complex or your normal taste? Its just every detail about them, like there nail varnish, lip colour, jewellery, hairstyle, smell, everything just oozes cool and inspiration!  Well I'm going to be pretend to be one of those girls today! by the way I'm wearing a rose sent from the body shop at the moment, Marc Jacobs, Daisy would be preferred but that will have to wait until funds allow!

This is me in my room! charity shop dress, with lovely chunky 90's style Topshop boots.

I have always loved big tacky gold chains (on the right people) I use to wear them as a teenager with granny dress's and get called a 'chav' like I would ever look chavy!

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