Sunday, 16 September 2012

floating on the breeze of life!

Ok, I am officially homeless, well not the living on the streets more like the sofa surfing, in between places kind. And have been for a month, which yes does make you feel rather worthless like you’re un-deserving or something but he ho this explains my lack of posts in the whole blogging department, hence no internet! Anyways from now on I am not calling it homeless I am going to call it – “floating about on the breeze of life” sounds much better doesn’t it? Also what we are not going to focus on is me not getting yet another audition ( yes the life of the jobbing actress is beautiful) luckily I still have my day job and what is one more audition anyway?

However what we are going to focus on is Louise Grays new make up collection for topshop……….. it is a fucking make up revelation forget what you thought was a do and don’t in make up, this is rule breaking and it’s putting to fingers up to generic make up by splashing colour all over your face. She is part of the Bleach London revolution (all the pastel hair colours that are now considered cool) so get yourself down to Topshop and get inspired by the insanely cool colour combinations. A personal favourite is her use of two different eye colours and a drawn on, bright blue beauty spot. Boom!  

(the irony of me writing a make up feature when I don’t have a regular mirror of use apart from a compact one)