Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I am homemade!

I feel a little smug................. this entire outfit, top, skirt, headband and jacket are homemade! I have gone mad on kimono's lately. I'm making lots to sell, all in different vintage prints, mostly floral! ( if anyone is around I am trading outside Snoopers Paradise next tues. Come say hello and have a stroke of all my pretty things) Anyway been knocking up tons of them, this one is made out of a embroidered table cloth and was just too pretty to sell! There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing that your homemade piece is 100% your garment, no one has one quite like it anywhere. Do not underestimate craft, it means we all are leading the revolution against this mass produced world.

1 comment:

Ross Mountney said...

It's gorgeous - so are you! xx