Friday, 14 June 2013

Bow wow wow!


This one of my latest designs, I mean who doesn't love an oversized bow? So many great style connotations too. Minnie Mouse, 80's pop stars, dolls, errrrrr that's all I can think of right now! But its an attractive shape and goes with so much, right now I'm rocking a relaxed 80's look.
You can see behind me my new range of hand customised sunglasses which I am launching outside Snoopers Paradise this coming Tuesday. So if you fancy coming along and joining in the fun, come hang out, stroke some pretty new stock, show me your latest craft projects or just wear a rocking outfit so I can street style snap it and blog all about you! Get Involved!
Yesterday was the lovely Alanna'a birthday, we had a surprise tea party, thought everyone needed to see a picture of all my yummy baking! I'm on the fruit today!


Ross Mountney said...

Wish I could come! :(

bubblesarah said...

fantastic! love the colour