Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to... Wear a cape!

Do you dream of being a superhero? Perhaps Sherlock Holmes is more your thing, or maybe you are into fortune telling? All these dreams can be fulfilled via the power of the cape! However heed my warning DO NOT wear in extreme winds here is my cautionary tale. 

I was walking along to the theatre ( yeah, I know even I questioned my sanity walking to the theatre in cape. Prick) It was so windy and I was walking alone, next thing I know I'm engulfed in a cloud of purple velvet and cannot see a thing. I desperately try and grapple with the waves of fabric to no avail, bearing in mind it was half five on a Friday night, so at the same time I'm trying to dodge the public. Eventually I wonder blindly into a shop window to avoid pedestrians and finally managed to untangle my face and full sight was regained. Deeply uncool! 

Anyway aside from health and safety issues in my opinion there is nothing cooler than a cape, whether you are rocking it with a Victorian twist, or as a mental psychedelic babe then you will be loving life. I mean you can swish around pretending to fly, what's not to like? 

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