Thursday, 23 January 2014

Perving on Stevie Nicks and her clothes Porn.

Oh the joys of the English wintertime! Goosebumps, to many layers, red faces and hands and skin blasted either by the cold or central heating. Joys. So after a decidedly dull day at work yesterday spent perving on pictures of Stevie Nicks.... dam you and your albility to wear a cape AND a top hat and not look like a prick. And Janis Joplin via Pinterest to keep myself from slipping ini the realms of despair. I decided in order to survive these desperate winter months to dress in a manner which plants me right back in California circa 1967! Well if it was chilly in California, details whatever?! That's the beautiful thing about putting on clothes every morning. Beyond keeping you warm they are a medium of which to express a feeling, project a vibe or evoke feeling of another time. Fantasy basically. And it worked, yeah I'm stood in Brighton in front of council flats, this is my reality, but in my mind I'm at some hippy festival in the late sixties. Deffo not going to spend the evening superimposing myself onto a picture of Woodstock. Not going I do that..... 

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