Monday, 18 March 2013

Forget the rules, if you love it wear it.

Are you bored of wearing the same clothes, are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel conditioned by silly pretend rules invented by society into wearing certain things at certain times. We don’t. If you love it wear it, rock it and forget the rules. As a much loved work colleague of mine says….. “Style it out” and do so, fuck what anyone says. This blog is about your way, your terms, street trends, and our own personal ideas. Seeing fashion as a wearable work of art. It does not mean it’s outlandish, loud or on trend. It means you adore the item however quiet, or pedestrian. We salute the personal, the small and the story.
Dress for you Now.

Anyway, back in the room, this is the first hat I ever made out of pizza box cardboard and a curtain. (don’t worry that was my skint version of a prototype) Lots more to come made of real millenary materials!

And if you need some audio inspiration this is a very old song by a very amazing person doing it her way.
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LOVE from Its hidous i Love it x

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Ross Mountney said...

I love it too. Brilliant. Want lots more! :)