Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Is there any need? Really?

While we wait for Chelsea to give us the details of ‘The Chelsea Floral Show’, not to be mistaken for The Flower Show, id like us to sit and have a chat about Little Miss Taylor Swift.

I'm calling you out Miss Swift! I am talking to you directly. I think it’s about time for you to grow up.

I am not a huge Taylor Swift Fan, I admit, but I can understand why she has millions of fans around the world. She hasn’t come from a reality show, she professionally writes her own songs and music and that’s great. But, I think she has a lot of that to thank for her ex's, don’t you?

Her songs have brought her great commercial success; they are about heart ache, break-ups, misguidance and moving on. Some of our greatest songs have been about loss and failures, for example other commercially successful artists like Adele, all her songs are about heart ache and lovers lost. I mean, hay, Fleetwood Mac were all over songs about broken relationships, all of which were happening within the band at the time. But I can’t help but feel that Taylors approach always seems personal as opposed to professional.

Some of Swifts ex boyfriends include Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Adam Young of Owl City. I wouldn’t usually be fussed to write about an artist or act that I’m not that into. But when the latest news that “I knew you where trouble” was about Harry Styles after denying that it definitely wasn't in the first place, add to that the little digs she makes at her ex's and the fact that nearly every other song she has ever written, is about pretty much every one of her celebrity flings. It starts to get a little tedious, and dare I say it, childish.

Carrying on this way, gives thousands of young girls the idea that bitching and revenge is ok. We already know how much power and influence celebrities have on their fans. When a fan loves an Artist or Actor, they can do no wrong, the worst comes out of people and they then think they have the right to verbally abuse anyone who is involved with said Artist/Actor. When it comes to twitter and trolls, the amount of death threats some celebrities receive is ridiculous, and posting a little video, mocking your supposed ex LOVER Miss Swift, isn’t very big, clever and doesn’t make anything or anyone feel any better about themselves.

There I said it.

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