Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I would like to thank Blondie…………..
After our little rant over the negatives of said female artist I thought I would take a moment to celebrate a positive one………. Blondie please can I just become you? I’ve tried bleached hair, I’ve sang in awful bands as a teenager which was your fault. I’ve tried being as, punk/sexy/confident as you but, alas I am a clumsy twenty two year old. Ahh well we will have to leave it down to you, in your mature age you have overcome addiction and become even cooler. I will point out now that a glimmer of hope to us all is the fact that you reached the peak of your success as a thirty three year old, so let’s all acknowledge everyone that achievements take time, perseverance and hard work, so we shall all keep at it.
In a nod in to one of your amazing albums, Parallel Lines let’s all rock this season’s monochrome trend. You can’t get any more chic than black and white, or any cooler than stripes on everything!!! Don’t be afraid to mix different size stripes for a truly wild effect.

And to finish, some audio fashpiration!!!!!!

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