Thursday, 29 August 2013

Creating art while stacking shelves.

You know what's annoying? Life!? Haha I'm not in a particularly bad mood. However having just spent the day working in my pay the rent job I realised how much crap we have inflicted on us every two seconds of our day. Like the lady who is on her lunch break who's pissed off because I don't know where she can find a brass turtle in the giant indoor market that I work in. Or the man who gives me a look that says I wish you had chucked yourself under a train last night, because you can't give me any more discount. Biggest hate to every condecending meanie who assumes that I work in a shop because I have no qualifications or ambition and clearly no drive to do anything in my life. How wrong could you all be. If only you knew?!

 Every time I buy a coffee I know your pain. You work here while you write you amazing new book. When I buy I pint  you can see the lyrics to the Barmans lastest track running in front of his eyes just gagging to get back to his guitar. 

Giving the current climate pretty much our entire generation are working In pay their rent and get by jobs while they follow their dream career. Hooray for us all, we are the next generation of incredible creatives. Future masterpieces, underground hits, the trend setters, brave journalists, visionary writers and awe inducing actors. We will provide the inspiration for the next load of angst ridden teenagers and the more mature generation alike. We are brave, so keep stacking those shelves and staying up all night to finish your latest project. I will be thinking of you while crying into my sandwich at lunch time. (Only joking I don't get lunch breaks, I'm too busy planning my next creative endeavour) x

Need some chilled inspiration? Check out this magazine online, Tavi Genison the curator of this started all this when she was thirteen! So no excuses for not doing what you want! X

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