Friday, 30 August 2013

How to walk down the street and feel proud of what you are wearing!

Just walked down London road which is a rougher street of Brighton to go food shopping with my granny trolley. A little like taking your life into your own hands when your wearing your latest creation made out of some seventies curtains! But here are some top tips for not giving a shit about what other people think of your clothes! 

If someone is staring, just assume they bloody love your attire and desperately wish the had chosen to wear something similar that day. If it really is a recognisable WTF look then they are probs wearing a track suit or just are to small minded to appreciate your amazing attire.

When someone shouts something they assume clever like "nice curtains" then they are a dick because some of the best fabrics have been furnishing fabrics from the last century and just because they have never been anywhere apart from their nans living room is not your fault. And if you happen to have a bit of flesh on show and some charming chap decides to shout nice legs or whatever then feel sorry for them. As they are either that sex starved to find that a turn on or just so unintelligent that they don't understand it's a actual LOOK.

For combatting everyday places like the corner shop or your walk to work it's best just to stick your headphones in and get on with it. Either that or call your mum and look that dam busy organising your incredibly busy trendy life that you must be mega important and influential to be dressed the way you are. And remember most people are too busy focusing on their little lives to notice. 

And always ALWAYS remember that if you love it then Fuck everyone else cos it must mean its the hottest thing if you have chosen to wear it that day. If you are making it a look then it's a look. Better than blending in with the rest of the humdrum public.

And if all else fails then lovely old ladies will either stare at you in shock! Bless them! Or smile at you and say they love your outfit as it reminds then of something they use to wear! 

Finally........ If you have evoked a reaction it means you have done something, created a wearable piece of art, or something new and exciting and I salute you! You visionary you! 

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bubblesarah said...

amen to all of the above!