Monday, 29 July 2013

Dress dangerously, life's too short to look a bore.

Monday morning, off to work like the rest of the world, wearing a tried and tested home made two piece with vintage kimono and forties style hair. YAWN. Lol I'm running a pop up shop at Bimble Bamdada this coming weekend, and I've realised that I have no idea of what to wear?! The thing is when you get to a festival everyone ups there game, they turn to novelty, fancy dress, drink induced combinations that fulfil crazy stylistic dreams! I spend everyday dressing like this, minus the booze of course. Why do people have to be far away from there friends, family, jobs and real life to feel free to express themselves visually? Understandably there is some social etiquette that plays into it but if the people around you are going to laugh or look down on your choices, then maybe they are not the best people to have in your life! Expressing yourself in this way is a way of enjoying something you have to endure everyday,of adding humour to a potential chore, making an artistic decision every day of your life?! How exciting does that sound? You can even re invent yourself everyday if you please. dress dangerously, life is too short to look a bore!  

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