Friday, 9 March 2012

Swishing, exciting looks and new clothes!!!

Swishing party!!!!

Any opportunity for new clothes always put me a bit on edge! And rightly so with the chance to find so many exciting pieces, I soon got into the swishing mentality i.e move out the way/ I touched it first/ that wouldn’t fit you anyway! After the first bit of grabbing everyone became more sharing, and apart from the happiness of finding new pieces for yourself, it’s a really smug feeling when you realise people find your old clothes desirable!

The next swish is the first of april at the blind tiger, you can buy tickets at

Amazing eighties mohair jumper worn as a dress( I do admit when I went to work in this outfit I did put cycling shorts underneath!) I don’t think the world is quite ready for that look yet.

I found it really surprising that after the initial grab everything mentality, there were still beautiful items left on the rails, like this stunning coral blouse. The quality of the piece is just lush, I’ve styled it in a way that makes me feel like I’m in Bugsy Malone. Particularly when worn with these charity shop found trousers. I also nabbed these gorgeous topshop heels at the swish (my size!) happy days!

What I found so exciting about the prospect of clothes from this style event is the discovery of items you would never imagine, like this ruffle eighties top, which I’ve modelled backwards as I feel it hangs better. I love this angry flamenco dancer look! I adore a good handbag and was overjoyed to find this un-used leather one, since most of my outfits are all vintage pieces adding simple bag really sharpens up my look.

Check out the cutest blouse ever, I love that when I put it on it conjures up images of me wearing a matching frilly hat and milking cows…… ok just my imagination then?!


Sarah said...

Well done on your splendid swishing finds. Am actually jealous of the shoes and mohair jumper, I clearly wasn't quick enough - and I call myself a professional swishette!

Jo-ann.Fortune said...

Glad my floral print blouse went to a good home :-) You can see what I picked up here:

Ross Mountney said...

What fabulous photos. Course, it's easy with a skilled and natural model - it's not the clothes that make pix great, it's the way they're worn!