Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wearing my heart on my....... jeans?!

Dear oh dear……. I hate these phases, the ones where I actually have no idea what to put on in the morning! Now this sounds weird but I normally find that being hungover somehow brings out certain randomness in my outfits, however that didn’t happen today! After a complete fail of an evening last night, todays outfit just didn’t happen. However the slightly warmer temperatures allowed me to crack out this wicked 90’s blazer which gives a nod to equestrian style, I love this jacket! And check out one of my favourite necklace, granny love!

I got a bit funky with my old grey skinnies on Sunday night, I’ve been all inspired by the spring colours and all the lovely printed jeans that I thought I’d give my own version a go. It was just a easy peasy potato print heart, using liquid fabric paint, and then a fabric felt as the outline. What do you think?

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Ross Mountney said...

Love the jeans!Shame about the hangover!!