Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lead the revolution!

In our recession ridden times…… blah blah blah, it occurs to me that suddenly being  ‘thrifty has become in vogue. Highlighted by the scary miss money penny in channel four’s Superscrimpers: make do and mend  programme. However on closer inspection most of the housey, and customising tips are ideas that us mere poor people have been doing for years……… I mean in one episode they drew a heart on a black t shirt using bleach, I discovered the fun of bleach when I was about thirteen! Now although I love the make do and mend attitude, I find this programme so tame!
Why can’t make do and mending be presented in a current, trend led manner, something in which enables to be more resourceful and therefore creative. Not sweet old grannies using lemon to clean their taps (which is a great tip I may add) Let’s make this movement for our generation; it’s a blessing in disguise……. Now take the scissors to your t shits, the bleach to your jeans and turn that curtain into a dress, the time is now!!!!!

Today’s outfit attempt-
I tell you what I’m bloody sick of layers now…. Take this outfit for example, perfectly cute and simple with an added cardigan and jacket, i have run out of ideas on how to work layers! It must be so easy to dress when you work in a heated office and get driven door to door, I work in a freezing and drafty shop, roll on spring days!
Vintage school blazer- Portobello market
Granddad cardigan/dungarees/jodhpur boots/bag- charity shop
Necklace- by Future Folklore

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Ross Mountney said...

You're absolutely right - we need a new image for make do and mend. And a new and contemporary title. What's it going to be? I'm sure you'll think of one - and a therefore a new trend!