Wednesday, 8 May 2013

*WARNING* Explicit Lady Content

Now Guys, stick with me.

I find it funny how most men (not all) seem to cower at the smallest mention of The Crimson Wave, getting the painters in, The Blob (gross) or just That time of the month. As soon as a woman wakes up with that bloated feeling, roaring headache, crippling cramps and pissed off attitude, the rest of the week you are popping back and forth from the loo and the guys just don’t want to know… understandable.

Well now, with thanks to Tampax and Always, neither do I.

These adverts freak me out. At first the premise seems OK. Mother Nature calling around every month whether it’s unexpected or not, and the female is fine as she has prepared for such events. But seriously, Mother Nature asking a young lady “is it rough?” with the response of “not this time Mother Nature. It’s smooth!” or “I've got your monthly gift” as she presents an unopened present. Why make these adverts so camp? It’s scientific and perfectly natural, women can easily talk to each other about it and it shouldn't be embarrassing. Do we really want a rodeo maxi pad or diagrams of how much blue liquid can be absorbed? I mean, come on, that’s just a bit weird, especially as I innocently tucking into my toast on a Wednesday morning. I don’t need that, and I don’t need a demonstration; I just need you to tell me that they work. Why put me in more of a mood than I already am?

Add to this, the fact that these range of products are a necessity late into your life, I don’t care how much you try to glamorise them, you don’t want to buy them, you have to buy them.

Men, do you know how much money a woman spends on lady toiletries? A LOT. Personally, I believe they should be given free off the NHS. ‘The Tampon Tax’, if you will. And I'm starting to wonder why it’s never been suggested before…

I blame Thatcher.

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