Thursday, 27 June 2013

Get your chintz out.

I bloody love Britishness, today I went to visit Preston Manor but my favourite bit was the gorgeous walled gardens, felt right at home in my own little secret garden fantasy. Check out my gorgeous chintzy kimono which I made this week. I ended up rocking it in a kind of seventies does thirties thing, which I am very much in love with, I am currently adoring a modernised thirties vibe which my kimonos fit right in with. I love the glamour of it, the femininity, darkness and of course the whole late Art Deco vibe.

In other news look what a lovely friend gave me, this vintage pom pom making kit from the seventies I believe, amazing, look out for some interesting results haha!

1 comment:

Ross Mountney said...

You've managed to take chintz to whole new levels! x