Friday, 21 June 2013

snapshot of our lives...............

Three woman, three different people, different tastes, different styles, different choices. But that is what makes us great, better at collaborating, pushing each others ideas to reach something ten times more interesting than the idea on its own.

 In our society we are constantly pushed as teenagers into groups at school, tribes off safety where you can visually identify with your friends as well as bond over the same music. When you get to uni its about what you study and how much you can drink.... don't be a bore for gods sake get out there and get wasted, that defines you as fun. When you get to work its all about meeting "like minded" people at parties that work the nine to five, commit to fitting into society and never reaching beyond what is expected of you.

 My point is lets celebrate the diverse. That is what makes things interesting, Shakes it up, pushes things further. Lets all be different........together.

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