Tuesday, 2 July 2013

All in good taste.


What is good taste? Why is a taste something which depends on context, era, age, whatever?! Interesting I think that we all have our own definition of what we consider good. I am bringing this up because- look at the two piece, now you know that I love a two piece but even I can tell that this late eighties pastel monstrosity is truly gross, however I kind of love the colour, the shape of the skirt and just general fact that its a two piece. My amazing mum bought it for me from a granny charity shop in Lincolnshire, that makes me love it even more! So go on challenge good taste, even if your not sure about it yourself. Clothes and style are meant to FUN!
Spent a rocking Monday evening scrubbing jars with my boyfriend to make into candle holders, going to hang them in the tree in the garden, I would just like to pointy out how punk this makes my candles lol, as well as up-cycled, roll on warmer evenings!

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bubblesarah said...

I love the two piece