Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Music and pants.

Anyone fancy listening to a lovely lovely new song? I hate to use the word ‘electro’ and ‘eighties’ in the same sentence but they do help to define what to expect here, click the link below, have a listen… even a dance! Enjoy! oh and by the way the name of the band is Bernholz and the song is called austerity boy, happy listening!

And for today’s grand outfit take a peek at this Doc Martin style shoes that my sis has loaned me, and I know it’s a massive street trend right now I can’t help but crave any pair of Doc’s I see in the boot shape. Bummer! Unfortunately this dress that I’m wearing here (pictured as a skirt) had a nasty habit of tucking itself up over my knickers, flashing my lovely back pants through my fishnets. Brilliant.

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Ross Mountney said...

Looking lovely as ever! xx