Friday, 19 July 2013

Scissors and Boredom.


I'm back after nearly a week, this amazing heat wave has been playing havoc with my creative flow, what does one wear in this weather? Any interesting layering, irritating. Anything with sleeves, too much. Even accessories just anger me at the moment and I'm left looking like a complete bore! Today I took the scissors to a ugly old dress, cut it from knee length to mid length cut the arms off, added slits to make a cool arm effect and cut the high neck into a lower one. I still feel like I look like a bore, but on the upside know one in the world has the exact dress. So get customising people and lets fight the boring clone like trends with scissors and a needle and thread! Even if we feel dull.
Yesterday Alanna tricked me into having a day off, we needed to go up to her mums to pick some furniture for our pop up shop which will be at Bimble Bandada. Anyway when I got there she got me out loads of cushions made me a cup of tea and told me to go put my bikini on so we could go for a swim in her mums pool. Hilariously we still wore our sunglasses in the pool. 

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