Monday, 8 July 2013

Want to be part of the style revoloution?

There is something happening in the world of fashion, people are beginning to get sick of creepy mass produced clothes........ companies churning out set sizes and pieces controlling what we wear. We are being brain washed by the high street into what apparently suits us at whatever, time they dictate.

However there is a underground movement happening, slowly people are beginning to want something more, its doesn't take money, having to be a certain size or even "style" all its takes is imagination.

In reaction to this three woman are starting a group, a group that captures the moment, wants to provide inspiration and keep striving forward in creative ways. Ways that make us satisfied and free thinking, not conned into thinking we need the latest look to look good.

Want be involved? Message us you looks, post them on fb and tag Its Hideous, I love it. What do you want us to write about, leave a comment after this post. And keep your eyes peeled for a new blog that's leading the revolution.

Its called-

Wear for art now. #itsnotalookitsalifestyle

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Oooh exciting stuff!
Would love to see more 'how to' type sections!
Just a thought x