Thursday, 16 January 2014

How to... Wear double denim!

Double denim, a crime against fashion or a brave choice? Whatever your feelings on the subject it's undeniable that this combination is controversial! A very good male friend of mine recently arrived at my house wearing strait legged jeans and a classic style denim jacket. He divided the room. My opinion? He went down in fashion history as a very brave man! 

Now here you can see I'm taking a rather subtle approach to this look, the denim shirt with just a collar and raw edged fabric poking out from underneath my jumper is a tiny nod to this look. And I think it works a treat. However when going nuclear with this vibe it's worth considering the risks. You can look like a cowboy, a nineties throwback, a member of Bewitched or a faded and failed musician. To be honest I personally think that all of these can be credible looks, although its been said before that I may not be the right person to ask when looking for the general opinion on a look! 

Lets just say that's its brave, and brave is good. Plus it's bloody practical. Who doesn't own a shedload of denim?! But my absoulote favourite and coolest way to do double denim is black fitted jeans with a blue denim jacket. Too cool. Who says I can't be subtle?! 

Oh yeah. Just casually hanging out in my kitchen with my denim outfit... 

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Ross Mountney said...

Sod the denim....I want your purple shoes!!