Friday, 29 March 2013

Cowboys and Ladies

Raiding through your wardrobe can sometimes be a chore. Purely because you believe you don’t have anything of any value, style or that hasn’t fit you in about a year. So, what’s better than grabbing a friend, rummaging through your rails and trying stuff on with someone who will give you a whole new prospective?

Chelsea has vocalised before on how clothes can be an extension of yourself. For us, it can be one of the most expressive art forms with a personal meaning, which is why we don’t stick to the rules. If anything, we have our own rules. If you like it, wear it and defend it.

 Chelsea is wearing a pair of high waist, floor length culottes I made about 3 years ago, with a 90s short sleeve shirt (which looks like an old Abbey National uniform) and a cardigan from little two piece crop jumber/cardi combo I found for about 50p. Good find.

Yes, I went for the Cowboy look. The skirt is Topshop sale. The shirt, again from a charity shop, has been altered with an Aztec patterned collar. And that fringe cowboy collar, which I absolutely love, is a child's fancy dress costume. I know, I know... but who cares!?

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