Sunday, 24 March 2013

Is it actually the end of the world?

Is actually the end of the world? With the ghastly cold weather continuing all over the county I’m pretty much wearing everything I own all at once in some desperate attempt to keep warm. Normally we wouldn’t go on using heating this long, so everyone is skint, The grey days put some kind of “let’s all baton down the hatches” mood over everyone, therefore I think a bit of 1940’s wartime styling is required. So when I’m treating myself but not wearing a woolly beret I’m rocking Victory Rolls. Seen on female propaganda of the era they are an easy and quick way of giving any look a more vintage vibe….. Hooray! Type them into youtube and there are a ton of tutorials and they seem to be randomly on trend with a number of current ‘celebrities’ styling out the trend. So let’s all roll with the times…. (Get it?)

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