Thursday, 28 March 2013

Soundtrack to my life.

I am no way a music expert, or at all on the “scene” but I know what I like and as with clothes my tastes majorly vary on how I’m feeling and want I want it to fulfil. A complete failing of mine is that I don’t do relaxing very well, now I know it sounds ridiculous but I try and practice relaxing haha. I have to force myself to actually sit down and watch the tv, I mean relaxing means just sleeping right?! Anyway music really helps with this and I love the idea that we are constantly creating a soundtrack to our life. Now don’t judge my choices, we all like what we like so let’s celebrate that us all having varying tastes means that we might find something we haven’t previously heard, so open your mind, these are my current three favourite albums/artists……
Ladytron- Seventeen comes from the Light and Magic album its fucking epic, imagine wearing really sharp fucking outfits and dancing in a club full of people that don't smile haha.
Love- Forever Changes, an iconic album, makes you want to lie in a meadow in the sun, its rather psychedelic, lets crack out those flares and floral blouses people.
Kate Nash is rather frowned upon I feel, she has amazing style, strong views and keeps coming back strong, so lets stop dissing her, its visible that she has a ton of different musical influences, however much that comes across in a raw fashion. Listen to her latest album- My Best Friend Is You.

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Ross Mountney said...

Totally reminds me of the days of my patchwork flares!!